Discovering Our Purpose: How NGA is Committed to Enabling Businesses to Achieve More Through Ethical and Reliable Partnerships

At NGA, we help our customers manage their risk and compliance obligations efficiently and effectively. By leveraging our experience, technology, and global network, we strive to reduce the time and resources required for our customers to ensure ethical business relationships, enabling them to focus on their core operations and achieve their business goals. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and excellent service, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and success.

Mark Germishuys - NGA

“NGA has consistently delivered service excellence to clients globally via systems, methodologies, and partnerships that have helped our customers lower their association risk – time and again”

-Mark Germishuys CEO

What NGA values most


Be dependable, take initiative, and take accountability for your actions, it provides a sense of purpose, in addition to building resilience, Admit your mistakes and own them, there is no success without failure.

Delight our Customers

Make sure you are knowledgeable about the products we sell. Be available for customer questions and respond promptly, and do what you can to go above and beyond and delight our customers to exceed their expectations.


We measure team members by their performance, results, and output, by their hard work, and by the hours they put in. All these things guarantee that we can provide constant results in the face of adversity.

Self Improvement

Look inward and focus on ways to better yourself. Increase your self-awareness, and your self-esteem, increase your skills, and fulfill your aspirations. Develop yourself and others, stay curious, loyal, and open-minded, and develop skills to thrive in any scenario.

Celebrate the Wins

Celebrate the wins with your team, feel appreciated, and be aware that your efforts are being observed and valued which motivates you to work even harder in the future. Unify your team around a positive outcome by reminding them that you have achieved a common goal together.


Our products must have a solid value proposition and solve a real problem, be understandable by users, perform their tasks as easily and efficiently as possible, and become harder to start with the more they are used. Drive consistent excellence in everything we do.

Masters of Unstructured Data

Unstructured data from the web provides mission critical information for all organizations. But the global volume every day is overwhelming, resulting in missed events, misinformed decisions, and ineffective processes. Our patented technology cuts out the noise and identifies the customer and third-party risk by harnessing signals at scale. NGA currently operates in over 15 countries and  5 well-known South African Banks.

NGA's Value Add Factor

Best-in-class people, tools, and processes.
Extensive knowledge of various banking platforms and their unique challenges.
Exceptional service prior to, during and after go-live.
Key alliances with global technology leaders enables us to offer cost-effective, best-in-class solutions.
All activities performed in-house. No outsourcing to inexperienced vendors, avoiding communication barriers.
Flexible delivery and engagement models to cater to our diverse client base.

Number of customers monitored by NGA Systems every day.

NGA's Story: Our Journey to Providing Innovative Risk and Compliance Solutions

Since 1999, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and creating reliable solutions to serve them all.


NGA Founded
NGA Founded

Awarded Patent for online real-time Transaction Monitoring.

Adverse Media
Adverse Media

Started creating what has become one of the largest structured Adverse Media repositories in the world with news from 380k data sources and 200 countries.


Launched our Adverse Media and Due diligence toolkit.


o Reached 50 staff involved with operations in South Africa and Africa

o Milestone reached: 30 Implementations

o Launched our patented Adverse Media COMFORT™ score


Numerous Patents granted in the areas of Adverse Media and unstructured data analysis.


o Launched RISKSECURE Monitor v7

o Launched 3rd Party Automated Screening Intelligence

o Milestone reached: 100 million entities monitored by NGA systems daily

Future Prospects
Future Prospects

NGA will continue to provide innovative solutions.

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