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"NGA simplifies BCBS 239 compliance with advanced solutions, enhancing risk management and monitoring for financial institutions.

Explore South Africa's unique ESG landscape, leveraging abundant resources, social impact opportunities, and NGA RiskSecure's innovative risk management in ESG.

Navigate corporate compliance challenges with Fenergo's insights on cutting costs and saving time through innovative KYC screening technologies. Stay informed.

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AML solutions must strike a balance between out-of-the-box efficiency and customizability to effectively combat the evolving landscape of financial crime. This requires modular design, AI integration, and collaboration with financial institutions.

Expertise in KYB software, compliance, and risk assessment, enabling businesses to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and build trusted relationships.

In the interconnected global economy, business associations are crucial, including hidden 4th party risks. RiskSecure software helps identify, quantify, and monitor these risks.