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NGA's big data can provide a score notifying you of any criminal associations within seconds

The experience of purchasing insurance is about to get faster and with far less active involvement on the part of the insurer and the customer. NGA’s AI algorithms can quickly assess an individual or organization’s risk profile based on their behavior in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds, speeding up cycle times for completing the purchase of an auto, commercial, or life policy.

Knowing the risk profile of a customer puts the power back into the hands of the insurer who chooses to either not insure or find the best possible solution such as usage-based insurance (UBI) product.

Big Data

With the increased commercialization of these types of technologies, carriers will have access to models that are constantly learning and adapting to the world around them—enabling new product categories and engagement techniques while responding to shifts in underlying risks or behaviors. in real-time. Information is collected from devices provided by mainline carriers, reinsurers, product manufacturers, and distributors as well as NGAs big data and can provide a score notifying you of any criminal associations within seconds.

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Integrate checks into your onboarding workflows and screen persons and corporates in real-time.


Watchlist Screening

Screen your customers and 3rd parties against watchlists such as OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, PEP and other lists from around the world.


Adverse media Screening

Fast Forward your Adverse Media screening with our patented AI-Powered technology and scoring solutions.