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NGA can help to identify any risks before they occur

The European Union’s Sixth Money Laundering Directive (6MLD) — which was implemented across the EU in 2021, introduced several new penalties for companies and institutions failing to detect and prevent money-laundering activity. Criminal liability has been extended to allow for prosecution and punishment of all legal persons i.e., Companies and Partnerships. This directive places AML & CTF responsibilities on management employees along with employees separately.

Aiding, abetting, inciting, and attempting to commit an offence of money laundering, now constitutes money laundering itself. This is seen as a step aimed at deterring professional enablers, but also a step aimed at accomplices of money launderers who are often involved in complex money laundering schemes. The 6AMLD introduced a minimum prison sentence of 4 years for money laundering offences, increased from the previous 1 year.

AI & Media Monitoring

It is therefore essential that all legal persons conduct adequate media screening of their clients. By using AI and media-monitoring to scan through all media mentions, rating the sentiment of each user, NGA can help to identify any risks before they occur.

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