Automate your Global Risk Detection with Our Powerful Risk Detection APIs

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Integrate Our Intelligent and Developer-Friendly Screening APIs with Your Customer and Third-Party Workflows for Effortless Due Diligence and Onboarding

Automate your Global Risk Detection


Access Consolidated and Structured Global Watchlist and News Content with Our Central Solution and APIs

A variety of APIs are available to enhance your applications and processes.


Global Watchlist Sanctions, PEP Crime & Sanctions

Screen your customers and 3rd parties against watchlists such as OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, PEP and other lists from around the world.


Adverse Media Screening

Your #1 source of Adverse Media (Negative News) data. 100,000+ news sources for Adverse Media in 22 categories.

Additional API’s..


Combined Intelligence

Automatically scan thousands of up to date global Watchlist, PEP, Sanctions, Crime and Adverse Media records in a single API call. Includes a Low/Med/High Risk classification according to our intelligent risk matrix (both persons and corporates).


AML screening API's

Detect outlier behaviour and FinCrime in real-time with our on-prem risk based API’s.

 WHY RiskSecure?

Achieve Ultimate Screening Efficiency with Our Powerful Screening APIs

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Developer-friendly documentation

Get setup in minutes with our comprehensive documentation, SDK development kit including examples.

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Dependable and Secure

Built on highly available, reliable backend and connectivity infrastructure to ensure 99.95+ % uptime. 

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World-class support

Our support experts will help you every step of the way to integrate our API’s.

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Up to date

Data is refreshed every hour to minimize your onboarding risk.


Seamlessly Integrate Our APIs

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