Third-Party Screening and Due Diligence

Reduce Third-Party Onboarding Time and Cost by Up to 85% with Comprehensive Screening and Enjoy Significantly Lower Ongoing Risk After Onboarding.

The Challenge:

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, thorough screening against global risk databases—including sanctions, PEP/PIP lists, adverse media, and data breaches—is essential. Many organizations find these capabilities lacking in their current systems, leading to reliance on disparate data providers and complex API integrations, which increase costs and complicate processes.

Our Solution:

NGA’s Third-Party Screening and Monitoring service integrates directly into your systems through a single, intelligent API. This simplifies the entire screening workflow and provides robust risk management, eliminating the need for multiple external services and managing complex integrations. Our solution ensures that your risk management processes are both effective and efficient, providing security and compliance directly to your clients.


Incorporate real-time ESG risk detection into your third-party onboarding and ongoing due diligence.

Competitive Advantage:

Real-time access to comprehensive, global databases directly enhances your customer offerings.

Streamlined Operations:

Reduces the complexity of your operations by eliminating the need for multiple service providers and API integrations.

Cost Efficiency:

Lowers operational costs by reducing the need for external data services.

Resource Optimization:

Frees up your team’s time from integration efforts, allowing them to focus on core business functions.

Compliance Assurance:

Ensures compliance with global regulations, reducing the risk of penalties.

Enhanced Risk Management:

Provides a consolidated view of third-party risks, facilitating faster and more effective decision-making.

By adopting this approach, organizations can streamline risk management processes and position themselves for greater success, ensuring efficient, compliant, and effective third-party risk assessments.

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Why Choose RiskSecure?

Our third-party screening service integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, enhancing your ESG and compliance screenings with AI-enhanced data, and provides actionable intelligence throughout the lifecycle of your third-party relationships. This not only simplifies the screening process but also helps you maintain ethical standards across all business interactions.

How it Works

NGA's Third-party screening solution facilitates a multi-step verification process, supporting you from initial due diligence to ongoing monitoring:

Light Due Diligence

Screen companies and officers for red flags before onboarding.

Full Due Diligence:

Screen companies and officers against a wide range of datasets during onboarding, with records captured for ongoing monitoring.

Ongoing Monitoring:

Regular checks against updated global risk databases.

Optional Integration:

Synchronize risk statuses with your internal systems for continuous awareness and compliance.


Patented Adverse Media COMFORT™ Score Technology

RISKSECURE’s patented Adverse Media COMFORT™ score technology is the first of its kind to accurately score an individual or company based on the degree of online public media risk, giving you more insight on one website than a devoted team of researchers.

RiskSecure I2G

Supercharge Your Customer Third-Party Screening with a single Intelligent API connector

Enhanced Risk Management Capabilities: Elevating Supplier Screening Through Advanced API Coverage.


Advanced Third-Party Screening for Effective Risk Management

Connect internal and external data with our multi-layered screening solutions that provide actionable intelligence at every step of the third party lifecycle before and after onboarding.

Coverage and Features

Incorporate real-time ESG risk detection into your third-party onboarding and ongoing due diligence.

Global Sanctions and PEP Screening:

Screens against major global watchlists to ensure compliance with international regulations.

Adverse Media Monitoring:

Uses real-time data and COMFORT™ Score Technology for nuanced risk assessments.

Country Risk Scoring:

Evaluates geopolitical and economic risks associated with global engagements.

Data Breach Alerts:

Monitors and reports potential security vulnerabilities.

Advanced Case Management:

Integrates findings into your workflows, enhancing the review and resolution of alerts.

Choose NGA’s Third-party screening service to secure and streamline your third-party risk management. Trusted by top companies worldwide, our platform ensures that your business relationships are as secure and compliant as your own standards. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage and mitigate third-party risks effectively.

Additional Features

Supercharge Your ESG Screening with AI and Human-Enriched Data, Including Advanced Third-Party Screening Solutions. Incorporate real-time ESG risk detection into your third-party onboarding and ongoing due diligence.

Adverse Score

ESG Categories

High Risk Country Screening

More than 20 Adverse Categories

Optional API Integration back into Compatible Third-Party Management Systems

Scan for Political Connections in Media

Ongoing Monitoring in RiskSecure Monitor (Alerting & Case Management Tool

Global PEP/Sanctions Screening

“Leading companies rely on NGA’s RISKSECURE platform to provide a single access point for all internal and external data required to ensure their business relationships operate with the same level of ethics as they do.”

Kyle Stroombergen

- General Manager

“NGA systems and data ENCHANCE COMPLIANCE SCREENING WORK FLOWS with richer insights while limiting time spent on irrelevant false positives.”

Mark Germishuys


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