Risksecure: Revolutionize risk management with next generation adverse media screening

In a rapidly evolving world, harnessing risk insights and data from adverse media has become paramount for most organizations. Screening relationships against adverse media can be extremely challenging. The sheer volume of global news and data can be overwhelming, making it very difficult to identify relevant information among numerous false positives.

We’re thrilled to introduce new features of our already groundbreaking RiskSecure AI-powered Adverse Media Screening Software as a service solution that is redefining risk management for accountable institutions and firms looking to lower their association risk.

Designed to automate and streamline compliance processes, the latest update offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamlines investigations, simplifies the reporting process and ensures quick and informed decision-making.

Here are some of the New features at a glance:


Unified Screening Tool

RiskSecure provides a seamless experience by consolidating Sanctions, PEP (Politically Exposed Person), and Adverse Media screening into a single search. Instead of juggling multiple tools, you can now conduct all your screenings in one place with a single search, saving you time and reducing the likelihood of errors or missed information.


Adverse Media Risk Score Monitoring

RiskSecure now doesn’t only provide a snapshot of risk, it monitors the Adverse Media risk scores for individuals and companies over time. This temporal analysis of overall risk and risk for every Adverse category allows you to track changes and trends, enabling a more nuanced understanding of risk profiles.


Risk Scoring for Associated Parties

In our interconnected world, risk isn’t isolated. Our solution extends beyond primary subjects to include associated parties. By monitoring and scoring the risk.

Regarding related entities, we offer a holistic view of potential threats, allowing you to respond proactively.


Comprehensive Global News Coverage

Our AI tool taps into even more verified news sources worldwide, spanning more than 20 Adverse Media categories prescribed by FATF and 6AMLD. This wide-ranging media monitoring ensures that you’re always informed about the most recent events and developments that might impact your risk assessment.


Easy Report Creation

You can now quickly locate and flag relevant articles, simplifying the process of Adverse Media report creation and record keeping. This enhances your investigation time and efficiency and ensures that important information is never missed.


Up to date information

In the world of risk management, outdated information is a liability. RiskSecure ensures you’re always working with the most recent data. Regular updates mean you’re always in the loop with real-time, up-to-date information.


Filter Articles by Relevance

Our AI-powered solution is designed to prioritize relevance, effectively reducing false positives. RiskSecure now allows you to filter articles by varying degrees of relevance, ensuring that you’re only alerted to genuine risks pertinent to your customer or third-party.


Seamless API Integration

RiskSecure now comes with an API, facilitating seamless integration with your existing compliance screening workflows. This means you can keep using your current tools while benefiting from our advanced risk management features.


Next-generation RiskSecure AI Adverse Media Screening SAAS provides an all-in-one, real-time, global solution for risk management. By simplifying the compliance process, RiskSecure empowers you to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and focus on what really matters – growing your business.


Partner with us to take your risk management into the future and request a demo, or find out more about our Adverse Media screening solutions.